Why post-impressionist French painter Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) was called by such masters as Matisse and Picasso "the father of us all"? First and foremost, for his discovery of ' key to viewing the world', the Multiplicity of Perspectives. By exploring such facts as changing view by looking at an object with one and then another eye, and by simply moving, Cézanne changed how artists looked at the world.


Through the highly characteristic brushstrokes, Cezanne also simplified visual forms to their geometric essentials (cylinder, sphere and cone), and treated each patch of colour as independently existing (not as tones). These discoveries lead a revolution in modern art inspiring cubism, pointivism and other movements. The 'father of us all' created for us a whole new artistic experience.

Paul Cézanne

Still-life with Apples

Paul Cézanne


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