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Art Deco was a radical aesthetic style, fashionable in art, architecture, fashion, interior and consumer products design between 1920s and 40s. Well suited to the demands of mass production, it quickly spread around the world from New York to Shanghai. Embracing technology and industrialisation further than its predecessor Art Nouveau, Art Deco transformed the organic lines, asymmetric composition and picturesque ornamentation into simplicity, symmetry and order. Geometric shapes became its basis (inspired by Cézanne's idea of simplification of forms to geometric essentials); colours became more vivid and contrast. This eclectic style drew on many sources from the Ballets Russes and the imagery of the machine age to the arts of Asia and Africa. Modern, assertive and rectangular using modern materials of aluminium, steel and plastic, yet, Art Deco, with its catering for the human need for pleasure, fantasy and glamour, was 'modernist with a human face'.





Christ the Redeemer, 1931

Paul Landowski



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